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The Spirit Club Foundation 501(c)(3) may provide monthly scholarships for specific fitness & wellness programs based on financial need, as defined by the Spirit Club Foundation.

To apply for a scholarship, complete the Scholarship Application below or download the application here.



Please complete the applicant information below:

What outcomes would you like to achieve by participating in an exercise and fitness program?

Please select the sources of income the applicant is receiving:

Please select the funding sources for supports the applicant is receiving:

Have you received a scholarship from us in the Past?   

Please select the scholarship option you are applying for:

Additional documentation may be required.

By signing below, the applicant / applicant’s guardian agrees that:
  • The Applicant Information provided above is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • In order to receive a scholarship toward group classes, a minimum of 50% of offer classes must be attended within the month. If less than 50% of classes are attended, the applicant is responsible for paying the entire monthly program fee.
  • This scholarship application is valid for 6 months after approval, at which point you will need to re-apply.

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Steve Allen -
Executive Director, SPIRIT Club Foundation